First batch of 51 Afghan refugees arrive in Uganda

Uganda has today revived the first batch of Afghanistan refugees who fled the country after the Taliban take over a few weeks ago.
51 refugees have been brought in according to a letter by the ministry of foreign affairs office.

According to the ministry, the said refugees came in on a private chartered plane on Wednesday morning.

Partnering with the US to host the refugees has, according to the ministry been done due to a long history of working together “and continue to pursue common interests for the mutual benefit of both countries”.

The Ministry said that the decision was taken in the best interest of refugees.

“The decision to host those I need is informe by the Governmentof Uganda’s consistent policy of recivi g refugees and persons in distress as well as playing a responsible role on matters of international concern”. The Ministry said.

Those evacuated included men, women and children who underwent the necessary security screening as well as mandatory “Covid19 testing and the required quarantine procedures.


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