Bodaboda Cyclists Boss On Run For Failing To Account For Shs.100m Muhoozi Funds…

Bodaboda cyclists in Kampala Central Division have impeached their chairperson Charles Ndugga on allegations of misappropriating millions of shillings that were supposed to be used in the recent Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba celebrations.

The bodaboda cyclists claim that their boss was given over Shs.100m million to be shared among bodabodas to escort Gen. Muhoozi, the senior presidential advisor on special operations to Bombo land forces headquarters to receive his decorations as a full UPDF General.

The bodaboda cyclists claim that when Ndugga received the money, he sent text messages to them informing them to go and fuel their bodabodas from the listed petrol stations.

They explained that Ndugga also told them that they were going to be given Shs.50,000 each when they come back to Kampala and they were to pick the money from Kololo airstrip after meeting Gen. Muhoozi.

They narrated that after meeting Gen. Muhoozi at Kololo airstrip, Ndugga told them that he was on the way to meet them and give them their money from there.

However, when they tried to reach him again he had switched off his phone and run into hiding.

When he resurfaced, he told them that their organisation was going to use the money to organise for them an end of year party.

Yusuf Ssekatawa, a bodaboda cyclist, claims that Ndugga has been receiving money from well wishers to organise a party for them which was supposed to take place last week but it flopped.

When contacted, Ndugga cited politics in his impeachment insisting that he is still the chairperson of bodaboda cyclists in Kampala Central Division.


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