That KYOVU is just infections- Bad Black reacts to Nakankaka’s Video

Socialite Bad Black has reacted to the trending tape of TikToker Yvonne Nakankaka. This adult video got released a few days ago and it has become the talk of the town as everyone is currently talking about it. Many had come out to applaud Nakankaka for the KYOVU that was coming out of her sumbie as she got pounded.

These said that she has the real work and it’s what ladies ooze when they enjoy the game and not the plain waters which many say is urine.

According to thigh vendor Bad Black who surely knows everything about sumbies and bedminton games, she said that what Nakankaka had is infections.

She has gonorrhea, syphilis, candida and other diseases. It is these that clog her amd make up the dirt inside her which is released as Ekyovu. Well those who were applauding Nakankaka, it seems you all got it wrong.


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