If you want to bleach do it too – Precious Remmie on haters of bleached women

Mukyala Bindeeba Precious Remmie has no kind words for women who abuse light-skinned women, especially those who have breached. She said that bleaching is expensive and if you are bothered by it, mind your business, make money, and bleach too.

Precious Remmie as a person, is in her original color she hasn’t bleached but she is close to some ladies who have turned their skin from dark to light.

Despite not bleaching, Precious Remmie is here to defend those who bleached saying they have a right to do so and after all, it’s their money. In Uganda, the famous women known for bleaching are Prima Kardashi, Bad Black and they have turned it even into businesses

“Stop attacking women who have bleached their skins because they have a right to do so. If you want to bleach too, work hard and do it,” Precious Remmie said


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