“I Started Vending My Sumbie when I Was Just 15 Years old”- Malaya Brenda Miles Confeses

Self proclaimed commercial sumbi vender and ex ‘Nkuba kyeeyo,’ Brenda Miles says she started reaping money from her “Bwaguga” when she was just 15 years. In an exclusive interview with a Youtuber, the ex Dubai Nkuba Kyeyo and Kaboozi seller has revealed how prostitution is a lucrative business for the unemployed youth if dealt with care and thorough planning.

Having escaped from home while a teenager, Brenda Miles says she started serving her “Bwaguga” to horny Kampala men at 15 mainly doing her trade in Kawempe, Kitintale and Natete night hang out spots.

She could afterwards get a chance of upgrading her commercial s@x business to Dubai where she managed to collect enough simple money. According to Brenda Miles, all beautiful girls that travel to Dubai on a daily aim at prostitution as a way of changing their poor lives.

She claims no one can convince her to forego Kaboozi selling since its a lucrative business where she earns simple money. Brena Miles claims she is healthy and safe from infections and diseases from her customers given her addiction of using condoms during her works.

In the Ghettos of Dubai, Brenda has made herself a name as thirsty Nkuba Kyeyos who know to call her in case they want to take a deep swim into the Thighland.



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