MP Betty Nambooze celebrates 20th anniversary marriage with husband Henry Mukasa

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke has today celebrated 20 years in marriage with husband Henry Mukasa Bakireke Bazitwale-Bazikube. The legislator, through her social media channels, said that the two are very proud to announce that they have made “Twenty Years of Marriage in Love, Peace, Patience, and un-imaginable fascination and romance as we enjoy each other’s company and comradeship”.

While sharing her special day with her followers, Nambooze said that she had received approval from her husband to publicize their celebrations and recognise the milestone both have reached in their marriage.

“With his permission, ngaamba omulungi wange omu bwati; Mukasa Henry Bakireke Bazitwale- Bazikube, I share his words with you the married and unmarried with a request that you join us as we glorify the Lord who made us custodians of the great Sacramento of holy matrimony,” she added.

In a statement seen by Pulse Uganda, the legislator said that they dedicated their anniversary this year to their children, the married ones and young ones who are soon going to enter holy matrimony. They also included the young people in her Municipality.

“We have dedicated this year’s anniversary to our children some of whom are now married and the young ones who are on their way. Equally, we dedicate this day to the young people in Mukono Municipality in the same age group like our children.” She said in a statement.

The happy couple met in high school in the 1980s. In November 2002, Betty Namboose and Henry Bakireke tied the knot. Together, they are parents of over 26 children, both theirs and adopted.



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