Prima Kardashi says she doesn’t miss Mr. Henrie, tells women to support baby Geosteady

“I’m not the type that misses. If someone is out of my life, like relationship-wise, I don’t usually have a memory. I’m not the kind of person that dwells on memories. I go with what moves. I’m going forward,” Kardashi said when she was asked if she misses her former boyfriend radio personality Henry Arinaitwe, popularly known as Mr. Henrie.

The two dated shortly before she broke up with him and said that she was using him to nurse her wounds after splitting from her baby daddy singer Geosteady.

Their relationship was a thing of admiration to their gleeful fans as they shared pictures of happy times on social media. Then in June of 2021 Kardashi flew to Dubai to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival where she hooked up with South African-based socialite, Medi Moore.

It was like she hadn’t left a boyfriend in Kampala. When she returned to Uganda, she kicked Mr. Henrie to the proverbial curb, emphasising it by deleting all the pictures they took together from her social media.

When Mr. Henrie was celebrating his 27th birthday, he said he missed their time together.

“As you can see, I’m alone, I’m not in a relationship. The truth is you miss such things… you had where you could enjoy matooke, drink juice and be with the children. Sometimes you are there thinking right now they could be singing for me. But then, at the end of the day, you have to face reality and life goes on. So, you when you say you don’t miss them, you are just lying to yourself. It’s just faking toughness,” said Mr. Henrie.

“There is when I’m alone thinking if she could send me a message, and tell me happy birthday. But life goes on, at the end of the day, it is what it is.”

Kardashi recently rekindled her romance with singer Geosteady and she has urged women to always support baby daddies.

“Women should stop fighting with baby daddies. Support them. Be there for them every time because the money is for children,” she said.

Geosteady and Kardashi have two kids.


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