Rema sings for us who are in love, listen to Big Eye’s music if you want to cry – Remmie

TV presenter Remmah Nakitto, better known as Precious Remmie, has said only those in love can appreciate Rema Namakula’s new music.

“There is an analyst who has said that these days Rema releases songs, but the songs are about her life… that she is now off track, that she is no longer singing for people… My friend, she is singing for some of us, who are in love. If you want to cry, [listen to] Big Eye’s [music] and cry,” Remmie, who also goes by Ray P, said during Sanyuka TV Morning Xpress.

In August Raymond Bindeeba introduced Remmie to his family. The two got engaged in October 2021.

“I’m still wearing the engagement ring, so I don’t myself removing it. Next month I will be celebrating my anniversary, so there are people who said it will end in tears, they should be ready to be happy for me when I’m celebrating my anniversary because next month I’ll be making a year in engagement period when they put this little engagement ring on me,” she recently said about their engagement.

“I hold it dearly… I may get a padlock for it… because someone may snatch it from me, and they think I’m not wearing it because I was dumped yet it was stolen.” She praised Bindeeba: “Mr. Bindeeba, thanks for loving me,… thanks for taking care of me,… thank you so much… that man has taken care of me, my mum looks at me and tells me to thank him on her behalf.”


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