Rema shakes Nyash on a night out with Kampala Boys

Songstress Rema Namakula hung out with the Born 2 Conquer (B2C) group members on Friday and videos shared on social media show they had a great time. Namakula, who stepped out with her friend YouTuber and actress Evelyn Namulondo, was with the singing trio at Catwalk Lounge in Kololo, a posh Kampala suburb.

In one of the videos, they were dancing to Rema’s new love song Ngonze, which was written by Owenam, and produced by Nessim. Its video was directed by Edrine Paul.

At some point in the video, Namakula shakes her ‘Nyash’ a bit, sending everyone into laughter and cheers.

It is important to note that Namakula has a song with the trio called Guttuja, and it’s one of their most-liked ballads. She was among the artists that performed at their well-attended concert on August 19 at Freedom City in Kampala.

B2C, also known as Kampala Boys — is made up of Mr. Lee, Bobby Lash, and Julio. Lee, short for Left Every Evil, was born Richard Mugisha and he hails from Kakiri. Bobby’s real name is Peterson Ssali and he is from Mukono. Julio’s real name is Julius Kasagga and his ancestral home is Buikwe.

They trio met as kids in Luwafu, Makindye, Kampala.

Bobby and Julio were childhood neighbours. Mr. Lee, who was with a dancing group called Chain Breakers — joined Julio after being hired to dance for their (Julio’s) group.

Their first song as B2C was called Champion and it was written by the singer Geosteady. They were still in high school at Crested Secondary School.

They all participated in church choirs and acquired most of their music skills from there, including Julio learning to play the keyboard.



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