Dr. Kulthum Disappointed As Late Sheikh Muzaata’s Heir Is Announced

Sheik Muzaata died in 2021 after a short illness. As a public religious figure that inspired so many people, his followers were interested in knowing what was going on in his family. When he was alive, he didn’t talk about his family in public although he was always an outspoken person who never feared to say anything about politics, religion or economy, and even education.

He even called out the government so many times when they didn’t deliver what they had promised to Ugandans. This was during his preaching in the Mosque or even when at public functions.

With all this, Sheik Nuhu Muzaata decided to keep his family private and he never said anything about his wives or children that he had.

After his death, his family started fighting a lot as they exposed themselves to the public. In fact, Dr. Kuluthum turned out to be a person of interest. In everything she does now, the media is always on her.

When the family was fighting for Land, the house Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata left and also the child to inherit everything and become the heir. Dr. Kulthum thought her son, Anywa Muzaata, would be the heir because that’s what the late Muzaata told her.

However, as the family crowned the heir, her son’s name was nowhere to be heard. The selected heir of the late Sheikh Muzaata is identified to be Amujad Muzaata. This selection was made public through publications and broadcast on Salaam TV.

Dr. Kuluthum in her unhappiness revealed that Sheikh never liked the traditional backcloth. However, the heir was dressed in it as they were crowning him.

“Naye ddala muyinza mutya okuddira omwana wo’musajja eyali akulira ddawa nemumwambaza embugo? Yiii kale my heart is bleeding. Sheik yali atya no’lubugo for your information,” she posted.


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