Moses Magogo Gifts Wife Among A Brand New Range Rover

FUFA president and MP, Eng Moses Magogo has apparently gifted his wife, the Speaker of Parliament, Hon Anita Among, a humongous Range Rover Sport for her birthday. This is after Hon Among had gifted Magogo a brand new Range Rover worth millions on his birthday a few weeks before her own day.

And as Ugandans are fond of ‘cutting word’ they instantly started doing so. They ridiculed the speaker on how it was her financing the man. And the man in turn taking the gifts to his other woman. Little did they know that he who laughs last, laughs best.

A number of photos now are circulating all over social media showing that the Budiope east MP had a gift in store for his beau. The photos show a black Range Rover with a customized number plate reading ‘AAA 3.’

The speaker has added another monstrous ride to the official car she bought early this year. Ugandans of course who were mocking her for getting nothing have quickly taken to social media to decry taxpayers’ money.

A number of them actually think Magogo dipped his hand in the FUFA coffers to please his madam. Others said that these just exchanged number plates on the earlier Range Rover Among gifted Magogo.

They claim they took it back to confuse critics and all those who were mocking her for getting nothing. However, that’s what money and power do. As your crying about your taxes which probably could be true, others are galloping it down.


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