Single Motherhood Is Real Hustle – Teary Grace Khan Says During Daughter’s Birthday

Struggling musician, Grace Khan, has revealed how single motherhood is a real hustle. This was as she celebrated her daughter, Grana’s first birthday.

According to Grace Khan, the father of the child has never been of any help to her. He wasn’t even present during the child’s birth and neither did he send in a message to celebrate the girl’s first birthday. She however said that she’s happy with her single motherhood although it’s really tough.

“Single motherhood is really tough. It’s an absolute hustle but once you accept the reality, you are good to go. I’m happy in my state with my daughter. The father has never been present in my daughter’s life. He was neither present during birth nor during her first birthday,” said the singer.

The singer who has never divulged the details of her baby daddy this time gave a hint. She said that her daughter is a hajjati since the father is a Moslem. The former Da New Eagles singer also said that her daughter’s forehead resembles her father’s.

Despite the cold response from whoever impregnated her, Grace Khan has no hatred towards him. She said that she wishes him all the best. With tears running down her cheeks, she thanked fellow singer Vivian Tendo who has been there for her through thick and thin.


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