Susan Makula: How to create ‘a romantic environment to turn him on’

TV personality Susan Makula delivered some actionable information on seduction while appearing on The Church Girl, a program hosted on Salt TV.

“You know, in the night, when your pupils have dilated. In the night,… you know there is what they call a romantic environment… When it is dark,… when you get married, there are things you need to talk about… The environment has to be romantic to entice someone to get turned on to want to be with you,” Makula said.

One of these things is how you dress up. Your dress code will put him in the mood to want to have sex with you. If we are in a bedroom, and there is a bright light, usually feelings that are sexual don’t come. Dim that light… Have you heard of what they call warm light, it’s yellowish, and not whitish?… use maroon curtains, with a dim light and wear makeup, and put on a short dress.”

Makula, who is in an intimate relationship with Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, has told girls that men don’t give marks for sexual experience when they are looking for a wife.

“Girls need to know that there is no marriage that asks for sexual experience. They don’t need it. Men don’t want sexual experience. If you think the more men you sleep with, [and] acquire multiple skills, that’s how you get good in bed.. a man may ‘reach’ and look at you as if you’re a monkey, a wolf, he sees something can’t manage,”she said.

Makula also co-hosts The Junction on the same TV station alongside Susan Nalwoga, alias Aunt Sue, and Parvin Senkubugeon on which they dole out relationship advice.


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