Canary Mugume and Wife Sasha Ferguson Reportedly Expecting their First Child Together

According to rumors in the salacious hallways, Next Media journalist Canary Mugume and his wife Sasha Ferguson are reportedly expecting to add a new member to their family. Today marks nine years since Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson made the decision to embark on their romantic adventure together.

Midway through their romantic voyage, they legalized their union on 18th September last year at Miracle Center Cathedral, Rubaga, before their colleagues and family.

After establishing their ties, netizens started discomforting the couple with queries about when they were intending to have kids.

However, if we are to go by the pair’s most recent video shared on Tiktok, the frequently asked queries have been attended to.

On Sunday morning, Sasha shared a video as they celebrated their 9years anniversary, at the pitch. Even though Sasha was wearing a crimson long-sleeve outfit to conceal her pregnancy, online users could not help but notice her protruding belly estimated to be 5 be months.

Netizens immediately descended to Sasha’s comment section after learning of the news to wish the couple and their newborn kid well.


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