Nazaalibwa ndi Mubbi, era nkyaali Mubbi – Bad Black Reveals

Kampala city socialite and self-proclaimed embezzler, Bad Black, real name Namuyimbwa Shanita, has revealed that she was born a thief and she will never stop being one.

Ms. Black was initially dark-skinned but with the world moving on at a higher speed, she decided to bleach her skin. She also did a nose job which completely changed her looks as a person.

With her dark-skinned complexion, Bad Black was also selling herself on the streets as a prostitute. She was fortunate enough to find a white man who was interested in her and willing to marry her and take her off the streets.

However, she saw an opportunity of getting herself from poverty. She took on the chance to get the bank details of the white man and ended up taking all his money and transferring it to her own bank account.

The white man took Bad Black to court and she pleaded guilty. She was sent to prison where she spent more than five years of her life. However, the money she stole wasn’t recovered.

After serving the sentence the bleached socialite returned on the streets with money. This time around not selling herself but enjoying life and spending money in expensive hotels and bars.

She went ahead to date other white men after the money she stole reduced. She, however, didn’t manage to steal a lot of money from them as she did from her first man.

Now without shame, Bad Black has declared to the public that she was born a thief. She will therefore never stop being one until death.

“I was born a thief, I will always be a thief. You people should know there is a difference between a normal thief and a smart thief like me,” Bad Black said.



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