Zari Yeegaanye ekyo’kugulira Muganzi Shakib emotoka empya Ku Birthday

Ugandan South Africa-based socialite, Zarinah Ttale also known as Zari the Boss lady, has denied buying her boyfriend Shakib Lutaaya a new ride. Shakib and Zari started dating months ago after Zari separated from her other young Ugandan boyfriend who is also based in South Africa.

The beautiful socialite and Shakib after weeks of dating, publicized their relationship through all social media platforms. For the last months they have been together, they haven’t missed any day without sharing their videos and photos together.

With all the criticism put on them by the public, especially about their age difference, they haven’t backed down in their relationship. Instead, they are moving on like any other loving couple.

Weeks ago, Shakib was celebrating his 30th birthday and on his social media platforms, he flaunted a new car as his birthday gift. Fans were quick to judge saying it was given to him by the rich sugar mummy, Zari.

Yesterday, Zari had a press conference and denied buying Shakib any car. She said her boyfriend is a hard-working man and he can buy himself whatever he wants at any time.

She also said being richer and established doesn’t mean her boyfriend is poor and can’t afford certain things for himself like any other man.

“I didn’t buy my boyfriend a car on his birthday. He bought it himself because he has the money and he is also hard-working. Having lots of money doesn’t mean I sponsor my boyfriend with everything. He does certain things for himself like any other person,” Zari said.


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