Sad news as a pregnant lady dies hours after posting her baby shower photos on social media – RIP MAGGY

Family members and friends are mourning the untimely demise of Maggy Wanjiru, who died hours after she was surprised with a baby shower by friends. Maggy posted photos of the baby shower on social media and proudly flaunted her baby bump, only to die a few hours later.

Local journalist Martin Kosgey mourned her and comforted friends and family. She was a member of the Rotary Group in Kericho. Maggy’s sudden demise sparked different reactions on social media.

A section of Netizens claimed that someone with an evil eye might have attended her baby shower, leading to her death.

Wachaneni na baby showers my friends! Siziamini. Not all are happy for you. Rip

Hii mambo ya kuweka all your life achievements on social media sio poa! Pls ladies not everyone wishes you well! Dance with the angels. Rip

Baby showers mostly aren’t prepared because they love you,but because they pretend to be your friends …not all but some friends wamejaa kinyongo,it’s better after shower…Rest well mama,Mungu akufanyie uwepesi.

Those criticizing baby showers be kind please. Death can happen with or without baby shower due to multiple reasons/complications during or after child birth.


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