“My Life My Rules” – Zari Hassan to Muslim Critics Suggesting She Shouldn’t be Celebrating Christmas Because She is a Muslim

Socialite Zari Hassan has advised Muslim critics voicing their concerns about her celebrating Christmas to take a chill pill. As the annual Christmas festivities draw closer, folks globally have already geared up to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birth, including Zari Hassan alias Zari the Bosslady.

In preparation for the celebration of the long-anticipated Christmas held on December 25th, Zari shared a snippet of her beautifully adorned Christmas tree on her social media accounts.

Being a Muslim, Zari’s decision to purchase a Christmas tree and decorate her home in advance of Xmas D-Day, however, didn’t sit well with other Muslim believers who claimed she had disobeyed the religion’s norms and customs.

Known for not ignoring her critics, Zari via her Snapchat revealed that she accommodates kids of both Christian and Muslim denominations, and thus she observes Christmas festivities.

The mother of five further advised her Muslim friends to refrain from interfering in her family matters, stating that it is her life, rules, and she is not answerable to anyone.


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