Omusajja akwatiddwa lwa kubba laptop ne engatto bya muganzi we n’abiwa muganzi we omulala

A Kenyan man was arrested and charged after he allegedly stole his girlfriend’s shoes and laptop and gifted them to his second girlfriend. In his court appearance on Thursday, Ryan Lusalishi denied robbing his girlfriend, Elizabeth Okumu between November 7 and November 8 in Nairobi of a laptop, a bag, and a pair of shoes.

The girlfriend testified in court, saying that when she got home from work, some things had been moved around. She claimed that upon closer examination she discovered that the laptop, a pair of shoes, a bag, and an ATM card were all missing.

Okumu testified in court that she had received a text on the same day informing her of a failed transaction due to a wrong PIN and believed that someone was attempting to use her lost ATM card.

She suspected it was her boyfriend and reported the matter to the police.

Lusalishi’s other girlfriend, who is also a witness in the case, told police during investigations that he returned home with the items and gifted her the shoes, which were not her size.

He was arrested, and the bag and the shoes were found in his house.

He was released on a surety bond.


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