War is not Over: Russia sends over 70 missiles flying to Ukraine, three left dead

Russia has  fired at least 76 missiles and carried out drone attacks across Ukraine striking the capital Kyiv and cities in the north, south, west and Centre officials have said.

The missiles targeted Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure leaving two dead after a residential building was hit in Kryvyi Rih and a third in Kherson and eight wounded in the process..

Power was completely down in Kharkiv in the north and several other regions.

According to the energy minister, it was estimated that atleast nine power generation facilities had been damaged but emergency power lines were turned on to contain the situation in the now freezing country due to snow weather.

Commander-in-chief General Valeriy Zaluzhny said air defences intercepted 60 of the 76 missiles fired, most of them cruise missiles, after an alarm was raised across Ukraine.

Russia has launched more than 1,000 missiles and Iranian-made attack drones since the wave of strikes began on 10 October


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