Teen couple separated by police at matrimonial home

Authorities in Apac District have broken up an intimate relationship between a 13-year-old girl and her 17-year-old fiancé at their home in Teboke Sub-County. Police are also hunting their parents who are accused of aiding defilement and interrupting the juveniles’ education.

The young bride, a Primary five pupil at Okutagwe Primary School, had eloped with a former primary seven candidate of the same school. But their cohabiting was cut short when authorities separated them.

The head teacher of the school, Jolly Joe Ogwang, mentioned that the two were married on the watch of their parents and the community leaders.

“This boy was among the best performers in my class and we are expecting him to perform well in Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) but his parents want to ruin his future. I am so disappointed with parents who are giving away their daughters during holidays,” he said.

Apac District Police Commander (DPC), David Wills Ndaula confirmed the incident saying that they are now hunting the parents over charges of aiding defilement.

“When we received the information, we went to the home of the father of the boy who had eloped with the Primary Five girl but it’s like someone had already tipped them and we found no one at home,” he said in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

Ndaula noted that the community has permitted defilement which has increased the number of young mothers.

“Village leaders are conniving with the parents to kill defilement cases and that is why there are many teenage mothers within the community,” he added.

Sam Opira, the Apac secretary for Education and Health, said that local leaders in Teboke have turned the practice into a business.

“We have learnt that many defilement cases are happening in the villages and in Teboke Sub-county in particular, it is very common and LCs have turned it into their business. We are not going to sleep. We shall follow them and arrest all of them and make sure they are prosecuted,” he said.

Proscovia Acam, the Apac deputy Resident District Commissioner (RDC), asked parents to protect their children during this festive season because school awaits next year.


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