faded Blogger Ashburg Kato awadde Bobi Wine Akakwakkulizo waba ayagala akomewo Mu NUP

Faded social media blogger, Ashburg Kato, has revealed the only condition that would make him go back to NUP. Through his social media handles, the former NUP and Bobi Wine diehard revealed that it would require his head to be chopped off to take him back to NUP.

“You have to first chop off my head to take me back to NUP,” Ashburg Katto revealed alongside a photo of him and fellow NRM social media blogger Isma Olaxess.

NUP keyboard warriors were however quick to slice through him. They told him that he was useless and that he was good riddance for the Bobi Wine-led party.


“You were once useful, they used you now you are not even near useless. I don’t think you can influence anyone anymore! So wake up and look after your life. “No one makes decisions for you so don’t tell us what you are thinking about,” one user told him.

“Of what importance do you have in Nup? Even rotten NRM Dumped you.”

The blogger was at one time a tight friend of Bobi Wine. And not just random friends, but someone who was ever in the ghetto gladiator’s tight circles.

However, along the way, his mind was changed by the NRM’s alleged money. Since then he started attacking NUP and Bobi Wine. This saw his relevance greatly dwindling.

By then, he was arguably the biggest social media blogger in the country but the same can’t be said of him now.

In the recent past, he’s been involved in shameful acts such as when he was beaten up by security. This is after he purportedly thought that being close to NRM made him untouchable.



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