Oh My God, Am Shocked, I Just Found That My Boyfriend Is Actually A Dustbin Parker

Admin, I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now, he takes care of me and pays my college fees and rentals. He does everything for me that a normal guy does for the woman he loves most but I just realized yesterday that he lied to me, and still lying to me.

He told me that he works in the bank, every morning he will dress up in a nice suit and go to work, come back in the evening. Sometimes I want to visit him in his office but he will say he is a contract staff and he is in marketing and hardly in the office, I believed him for 2 years of my life.

Even when he proposed to me, I accepted him because of being a banker, not anything else. But I received the shock of my life yesterday when my friend sent me this picture and one of the guys packing the dustbin happen to be him, I refused to believe it, I had to zoom the picture, she actually sent me up to 3 but I don’t want to send you that because it reviled his face to avoid embarrassment.

My own boyfriend is a dustbin packer, my god; like he sits on top of dirt and packs it, my god, and still comes to finger me and touch me. I felt really irritated and disgusted.

Is it the same money he uses to take care of me, why did he lie? I feel hurt and embarrassed learning at a good school using dirt money he gets from his dirt and embarrassing work. He is too cute and intelligent for this, I was embarrassed as my friends laughed at me, and called me a wife of a dustbin packer.

I cried my eyes out, even when he called yesterday I never asked him anything but just told him its over. For god’s sake, I can’t get married to a dustbin Parker no matter the money he makes from his date job.

Am two months pregnant with him and I intend to terminate the pregnancy let people laugh at my child as the daughter or son of a casual council worker, god forbids it!!!

Please advise me on the way forward, I intend to sue him for wasting my time and lying to me. Let’s teach men tough lessons!!!



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