Mysterious City Dude Abandons Slay Queens In Bugolobi Bar With Shs1.3m Bill

A group of city slay queens risk arrest after they were abandoned at city based bar with an unpaid bill in excess of Shs1.3m. According to a tweet by one Viola Ishabiire, the three babes were left stranded in a ba in Bugolobi, on the outskirts of the city centre, when the yet-to-be-identified guy took to his heels.

“Oh dear girls. A circle of distant friends i know are held at a bar in Bugolobi over a bill of 1,360,000ugx..apparently, the guy they were with disappeared in the night. They’ve been given up to 10am to clear or else will be taken to jinja road police,” Viola tweeted on Thursday morning.

It is not clear where the now mysterious dude disappeared to. She did not mention the bar where the trio were abandoned. Viola adds that the three girls have been able to raise Shs680k.

They have also surrendered mobile phones including; iPhone 12 pro, techno camon 19 and infinix as security.

“They’ve promised to clear the bill before Saturday,” she says. Kampala is famous for party animals known to drink all tribes of the bitter like fish swimming through water bodies.


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