Isma Olaxes yetondedde Bobi Wine Olw’ebigambo byeyayogela nti Yakwana Omuyimbi  Karitas Kario

Social media blogger Isma Olaxes has come public and apologized for his defamatory statements that Bobi Wine was dating singer Karitas Kario. The whole of last week, US-based singer Karitas has dominated news columns for allegedly engaging in a love affair with singer cum politician Bobi Wine.

The hearsay was put into circulation by Isma Olaxes, who claimed that the NUP party leader Bobi Wine real name Rober Kyagulanyi Ssentamu had cheated on his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi with Karitas anytime he fled the country to the USA.

The claims that have since been spreading like a wildfire have been extinguished by the blogger while appearing in an interview with a local Youtuber at the just concluded ASFAS.

According to Isma, he claims he has no ill will toward Karitas, but he received the information he shared from trusted insiders in the NUP political camp.

However, he added that if the information was false, he sincerely apologizes to Karitas and anyone else who was offended by his comments.

Following Karitas releasing a song during the saga, however, Isma boasted that his comments had more positive effects than negative ones because the drama had helped to resuscitate the singer’s music career, which had reached its lowest point.


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