Brian Mulondo Might Be Working on a Stupid Station and I don’t know”- King Saha fires back

Singer King Saha says he won’t be put off the truck by the propaganda of media personality Brian Mulondo who accuses him of turning up for social gatherings while smelling weed.

During his morning radio show at KFM, Brian Mulondo openly criticized the “Zakayo” singer for being a burden to guests during gigs and corporate parties by turning out while stinking weed.

In an exclusive phone interview with a snoop, the soft-spoken singer has said how he doesn’t know Brain Mulondo and he is certain whatever he said is just planned propaganda to distract him from the main goal.

“First and foremost I don’t know who Brian Mulondo is & I haven’t heard anything he has said. However, if that is true then that’s planned propaganda to derail me.. How can you ask me If i eat food, next time call me when you want to ask about sensible things.

I don’t know that presenter but since you work with a sensibe station, then am sure that person doesn’t work with a credible station just wasting time”- King Saha told a reporter.


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