Azziad Nasenya Shows Off Beautiful, Curvy Mum in Lovely Mommy-Daughter TikTok Dance

The TikToker in a reveal video noted that her fans were curious and had been asking her to show them her mum on the app. Azziad, who rarely posts about her parents and loves to keep her family  affairs private recently revealed her family was abroad.

The pretty wasp-waisted content creator and media personality stated she missed her Europe-based family but would rather stay back in her motherland, Kenya She said:

She added her love for Kenyan food was also a contributing factor. In the clip, the media personality and her mum dance but her mum was covered in a mask such that she could not be seen clearly.

Their fans could not contain their joy as they noted the lady looked young and was super curvy. They noted that Azziad got her looks from her mum and they praised them both for their beauty.

kenaan_last_she siad:




Hannah Benta

In 2020 Azziad celebrated her mother in a wonderful post during Mother’s Day  The lass introduced her mum weeks after she became an online star. The TikToker rose to fame via the Utawezana challenge.


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