“Okubeera maama Si Kikolimo” Lynette Xen tells Kaiyz Following His Scathing Remarks About Her Pregnancy

Urban TV presenter Lynette Xen has responded to Sanyuka Tv’s gossip show host Kawalya Isaac alias Kaiyz following his negative remarks regarding her pregnancy. A few months back, Lynette Xen went public about the exciting news of expecting to expand her family with her secret lover.

The development, however, received subsequent reactions among workmates, followers, and fans including Kaiyz’s scathing remarks. When Lynette heard Kaiyz’s comments, she immediately took to her social media accounts to express her displeasure.

The presenter stressed that she is certain Kaiz’s mother was thrilled to have him and at the same time was criticized for being pregnant just like Kaiyz did to her.

She continues by saying that despite the negativity that surrounded her pregnancy, she overcame it and gave birth to him, reared him, and was undoubtedly proud of her son before she passed on.

Before assuring Kaiyz that being a mother is not a curse but rather a blessing, Lynette observes that ever since the motor mouth presenter’s mother was laid to rest, he has become constantly involved in other people’s affairs.


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