Church Of Uganda Tegenda Kuva Ku Njigiriza Y’obufumbo bwa Baibuli – Ssaabalabirizi Kazimba Mugalu , ayongedde okulabula abali bebisiyaga

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has reiterated that the Church of Uganda won’t deviate from the Bible teachings about marriage.

Kazimba Mugalu through his social media handles revealed that the ordained way of marriage from God is heterosexual. Therefore, anything short of that won’t at any one time be endorsed. According to the Archbishop, fornication, adultery or homosexuality won’t be accepted by the church.

“I want to make it very clear that @ChurchofUganda_ will always uphold the Bible’s teaching that marriage is between one man and one woman. And that is the God-ordained context for sexual relationships. We DON’T and we WON’T support fornication, adultery, and homosexuality.”

Kazimba Mugalu last month urged church leaders and political leaders to work together to fight agents of homosexuality. This is especially those who are being facilitated by the Western world to spread the habit in schools and other institutions.

The Archbishop also expressed how he wants Parliament to expedite the law that prohibits acts of homosexuality despite threats from donors to cut funding.

This comes at a time when the Church of England, the mother of the Anglican church is pro-LGBTQ marriage. The Archbishop of Canterbury has always called upon it’s churches globally to honor these alterations to natural marriage.

The Church Of Uganda has however come under more pressure recently to embrace same-sex marriage. A thing that made it threaten to break away from the Church of England.


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