Kyaddaki Zari Hassan azudde Essimu ye jebbye Oluvanyuma Lw Ababbi Okuddamu Okugiguza Muganzi We Shakib Cham

South African-based socialite Zari Hassan finally recovers her phone, following days of pleading with thieves. On Thursday 22nd December, Zari Hassan through her Snapchat revealed how thieves had made off with her Samsung S20 Ultra during her All White Party at Motiv.

The socialite pleaded with thieves to return her gadget claiming it contained memories of her children that money couldn’t buy. Zari added that she is ready to trade anything to recover her phone, and urged whoever possessed it to reach out to her nearest relative or her boyfriend Shakib Cham.

Fortunately, the thieves responded positively to Zari’s outcry, and they contacted her boyfriend in the wee hours and urged him to link up so that they can hand him the phone under monetary terms.

While giving an update about her lost phone in a video obtained by Exclusive. Bizz, Zari stressed that she managed to repossess her phone, but all the content had been erased.

She is however grateful that after a long process of data recovery, she managed to recover her information at around 3:30 Am.

The mother of five insisted that it wasn’t a hoax as some people had suggested, pointing out that pickpocketing is one of the most common crimes in Uganda.


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