Here is the chic who almost chewed Bebe Cool and Vyper Ranking on the same day

There are girls who really know how to party and when they decide to do so, nobody can really stop them. And there was one such girl at the recently concluded Purple Party tour.

This chic has now appeared in several videos and almost chewed the revelers and singers there at once. Dressed in a black top and long green animal print trousers, she really ran riot at this concert.

And it’s one she will live to tell for a very long time. She can be seen in one if the videos dancing dirty with singer, Vyper Ranking.

And she even almost made him forget the lyrics as he couldn’t keep his eyes off her gigantic booty. Later on, she was seen shaking her sexy booty to Mudra’s Balo Balo hit and she really did it justice.

This was all as the other revelers cheered her on and asked her to go on sexciting them. And well if you thought that it was the end of her eating life on this particular night, you’re wrong.

She had Gagamel boss, Big Size Bebe Cool drooling over her . And when she stepped on stage, he couldn’t let go of her as they did some really erotic dancing that left the Wire Wire singer yearning for more.


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