Mityana farmers in tears as government fails to work on roads in the area.

Farmers in Mityana District have cried out to Government to repair its roads which affect farm product transportation to the markets.

Led by the Mayor of the area, Mukambwe Faustine, the farmers stressed thier dissatisfaction with Government that has not repaired the roads and hopped that it does so in the new year 2023.

“We hope that in the next financial year Government will give us enough money to enable us repair these roads” the Mayor said.

He also appealed to those who have not paid Tax to do so so that a good amount is collected part of which can be portioned out to work on roads.

“The roads are in a sorry state. We thought that Government would give us money this quarter, we gave it 165 million as tax income but we were only given 50 million to run activities. We shall use this money to repair a section that is about to collapse”. The Mayor said.


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Muwanga Deo

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