“Bwe nnafuna ebizibu ne Luba, yankubira essimu n’ambuuza engeri gy’ayinza okuyambamu” Eddy Kenzo full of praise for Bebe Cool

Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo has expressed support and admiration for fellow singer Big Size Bebe Cool. This comes after King Saha’s all-year-long disses against Bebe Cool calling him a bad-hearted person. However, Kenzo who this year started up a bromance with the Wire Wire singer said that this is the opposite.

Bebe Cool is one of the coolest and most kind-hearted people he’s ever known. Kenzo also added that the reason most people hate Bebe Cool is that he speaks the truth which is at times bitter.  Kenzo also addressed the issue that led to their rift a few years ago which stemmed from Rema Namakula.

But apart from that, what he says and his controversies, I don’t wanna know… He is a big brother. I had issues with Bebe Cool for such a long time. It started with issues with Rema, it prompted a big rift between us.

But after burying the hatchet, everything is now okay and he was clean at heart. He gives good advice and doesn’t pretend… so, I liked him for that. And I told myself, this guy is different because there are people we’ve worked with, who are double-faced… so, for me, I like him for that.”

Bebe Cool was also equally helpful during Kenzo’s recent court case against events promoter, Luba events.

“When I had issues with Luba, he called me and asked me how he can help because ‘I don’t like seeing someone frustrating you’ because he knew everything. He called lawyers and showed support… and that showed me that he is a good person,” Kenzo said.


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