“I Deeply Regret it”: Single Mum Shares Video of Son’s Sad Condition after She Allowed Him Stay with his Dad

A Nigerian lady has sought help online after her son lost the ability to do basic things as well as use his legs since seeing his father. The single mum narrated that her son named Wisdom was solely raised by her for 15 years. She said she and his father parted ways as a result of family differences.

She recalled how she finally allowed Wisdom to go see his dad on September 8, 2019 after th lead pestered her greatly for her permission to do so.

The woman said that to her surprise, her son’s father relocated with the boy and denied her access to seeing him. All her efforts at seeing her son again proved abortive.

Then one day, he sent her a message on Whatsapp that their son wasn’t feeling well, urging her to come see him. On February 19, 2021, she got to their new abode and was shocked to see her son looking nothing like the way he left.

She shared a TikTok video showing his current sad state and urged netizens to help her as they have taken him to several places, including hospitals and churches to no avail.

Wisdom can’t walk properly and can’t do other basic things himself. When Legit.ng reached out to the boy’s mum on what could have happened to the lad, she said she has no idea.

“I don’t know who did it. “I don’t have any idea how it all started. I only know I took a boy who walks and do things by himself to the dad cos he (my son) cried, kept crying, did not eat, take his bath even went as far as spoiling things just because he wanted to go meet his dad which I finally agreed.”

She regrets granting his wish now owing to his current state. “…And I deeply regret it.”  Alashakebaby  said: “He’s healed in Jesus’ name nothing too big for d most High GOD to take control over n which I believe, d Almighty GOD already lay hands on ur son.”

Mubaal Venture said: “I can feel your pain madam, I have a similar case as yours but I have to take a Swift step both spiritual and medical. May Almighty God heal him.”

ngozixx23 said: “God is in his case now don’t worry he’s going to be healed and start walking again just trust and believe in the Almighty God you are going to give thank.”

Faith Ezennaya said: “Are you sure he didn’t use him spiritually for ritual or something? Please Pray seriously for him while also taking him to the hospital.”

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a lady had flaunted her kid’s new look years after being dumped by his father. Sharing a video with a throwback photo of when she was a nursing mother, the woman said that her husband was always beating her before he finally left them.

Seconds into the video, a photo where she is looking very beautiful came up. She revealed that the same man is back in her DM now that her life has changed to beg her. Another part shows that the child he abandoned has also grown.

Watch the video below:



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