“Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow” Shakib’s young ex wife proves

Zari Hassan has been defending herself from rumors claiming she stole her current boyfriend, Shakib from a certain Ugandan lady who was already married to the young man.

And since there is proof showing Shakib is a married man – we can only assume the rumors are true….or yes, Shakib was married to the lady but broke up due to personal reasons, and instead of divorcing – they just separated, right? I mean, do you know how many people have marriage certificates but are living separate lives? Ebu ask around.

Anyway sadly for Shakib’s ex-wife, all she has is a marriage certificate and an old photo from their love dovy days….but again as i said, this isn’t enough proof to show that Zari snatched Shakib from his happy family.

Clingy ex

Also since we haven’t heard there are kids involved – I can’t help but wonder why such a stunning woman would start crying on social media about her man getting stolen.

First of all, he is a grown-up (kind of) who can make his own decision and if anything – his mum should be the only woman complaining about his relationship with Zari….and since she is not…what makes the ex has the right to claim him?

However, we can’t forget that women in love do crazy things especially after facing rejection….which explains why the ex is all over Zari’s business.


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