Desperate And Frustrated MC Kats Calls Out Ugandan Artistes For Refusing To Post And Support His ‘King Of The Mic’ Show, Yet He Has Supported Their Music Careers.

Seasoned television presenter and emcee, Edwin Katamba, who is better known as MC Kats is not impressed with artistes who have refused to post his upcoming annual show, “King of the Mic.”

MC Kats expressed his frustration on his Twitter page. In the post, Kats appears disgruntled, noting that since artistes have failed to post his forthcoming show, “King of the Mic”, he would not fail to post himself.

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Since you have failed to post my show, I will do it myself,” he ranted.

The King of the mic show is slated to take place this Saturday, January 28th.

MC Kats' "King of the Mic" to light up Kampala this January, it's big &  better » BOOM.UG

Despite being close with a number of celebrities, MC Kats has previously expressed dissatisfaction with celebrities for not reciprocating the support he usually shows them, when it comes to his personal endeavours.

Over the weekend, songstress Sheebah Karungi fell victim to Kats’ tirades, as he called her out for not having the spirit of giving back to those that support her the most.


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