What exactly has killed TikToker Asia Wa Charles

It’s currently sad news on majorly Ugandan social media after the death of Asia Wa Charles. Asia together with her husband Charles have been one of those couple that put a smile on our faces via their numerous videos.

However, news today indicates that Asia has died after she went under an unsuccessful operation.  After this surgery, Asia passed on today morning. It’s said that her stomach swell and it started releasing a lot of water before they rushed her to a clinic.

“Sad News
After being admitted in Mulago hospital, Asia wa Charles was advised to opt for an operation unfortunately, she didn’t make it after the surgery. Asia passed on this morning. More information surrounding her death will be updated.” An update read.

The exact cause of death is yet to be known but we shall keep you updated. Asia and Charles have been so popular on Ugandan social media but more so TikTok. They became social media celebrities after being used in many videos.

Asia was also an O.G of NUP and Firebase president Bobi Wine. There are a couple of videos of the two together.

We are going to keep you updated about Asia’s death as details keep coming in.


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