Zari Hassan Sparks Rumors Of A Nasty Breakup With Her Smart Wire Toy-Boy Shakib Cham, After Posting A Poetic Breakup Quote.

A quote by Horacios Jones shared on Zari Hassan’s Snapchat account has sent rumors flying indicating that her relationship with Shakib Cham could be on the rocks.

On Saturday, South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan a.k.a Zari The Bosslady shared a quote that expressed the dangers of lies amongst people close to you.

Zari Hassan, Lover Shakib Spark Breakup Rumours after Sharing Cryptic  Messages -

“Some people do not understand how poisonous lies are. Lies infect and curse happy relationships to the point where you actually feel sick to your stomach for trusting them again,” partly reads the quote by Horacio Jones.

“No matter how much you love a person, sometimes you can’t help but feel like they stole your Comfort. You’re no longer comfortable because you second-guess everything. Now, trusting them isn’t effortless. It now requires a conscious effort and sometimes that’s exhausting.”

The quote and timing of Zari’s post seem to have left netizens with divergent opinions with rumors hinting at a possible breakup between Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham.

Zari and Shakib’s relationship has already been dealt with lots of criticism from the public the first of which was the issue of the age difference between them.

According to sources close to the couple, the quote shared by Zari was not targeted at Shakib. They maintain that their relationship is perfectly fine.

Zari has recently stated that she plans a long future with Shakib Cham and that children and marriage would even be on the way soon.


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