“I Got My Dream Man, Car & Job!” Anita Fabiola Is Appreciative Of Getting To Live Her Dream Life Before Turning ’30 Years Of Age’, Netizens Insist She’s Already 35.

Media personality and beauty connoisseur Anita Kyalimpa famously known as Anita Fabiola is grateful to God for having acquired her dream life before making 30 years.

At 29 years, Anita Fabiola is among the A-listers who are living the lives they’ve been dreaming of over the years.

In 2018, Anita Fabiola’s life began taking the turn she had always desired when she started dating her fiance Mark Ronald Mubiru.

A few years into their relationship, Mark Mubiru proposed to her during their holiday in Maldives, before holding their Okugamba Obugyenyi and introduction rituals in 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Midway through their introduction ceremony, Mark Mubiru gifted Fabiola her dream car a Maroon Mercedes and she returned the favor by promising him, twins.

Fabiola justifies her right to gloat about accomplishing most of her goals before turning 30 years, citing the aforementioned accomplishments and cosmetics brand among other businesses.

The socialite bragged about her accomplishments through Snapchat, where she shared the exciting news with her followers.

Way to go Fabiola!


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