“I Am Not Afraid Of You, I’ll Speak The Truth, No Matter What.” Former NTV Reporter Solomon Kaweesa Blasts Spice Diana For Arresting Ritah Dancehall.

Media personality Solomon Kaweesa joined a growing list of popular figures that have taken aim at Spice Diana.

Diana has come under criticism after she had a dancer named Ritah Nasazzi arrested on the back of threatening to beat her. The conflict between the two started after Nasazzi, also known as Ritah Dancehall, said she wasn’t impressed by Diana’s live performance at her recent concert.

Solomon Kaweesa and Spice Diana

After learning about her comments, Diana and her manager, Roger Lubega, threatened that they would revenge.

It’s after Dancehall was arrested that people came out to put Roger and Diana on the spot because they wondered why they would make such a move yet other musicians have always been criticised. Away from that, Dancehall is not the only one who offered negative feedback about the concert.

During a media interview, Kaweesa said: “Up to now there is still an allegation about a person who died from your home. That family has never got justice… we’ve never heard that you went to the family of the deceased and commiserate with them.”

Henry Hamza Nsamba, 27, was beaten while at Spice Diana’s home on June 30, 2022, and he died at Mulago Hospital. He is said to have climbed over the wall fence to steal. The songstress has a mansion in Kyamuza zone along Salama Road in Makindye, Kampala.

After being beaten, he was carried some meters away from the house and dumped there. It’s passersby who found him lying unconscious and reported the incident, according to reports.

Reports say that Diana’s tall wall fence and her security (dogs, policemen, bouncers, and CCTV cameras) would make it nearly impossible for someone to risk climbing.

Diana would later say that he was beaten by her security and that she had encountered lots of break-ins before. She wasn’t at home that day, but there are also claims that Diana and Nsamba had history.

Asked if he isn’t worried about backlash, Kaweesa said: “The good thing, I’m not a performer that they will refuse to invite me to perform at their concerts… we should stop covering up these things [if we keep doing that, it will ruin the music industry and we start seeing musicians killing each other as we’ve seen in America]… Is that what we want for our industry, we wake up one day and a musician has been killed while driving on the road; We think it’s ana accident yet it’s beef? We wouldn’t want that.”

On whether Roger and Diana could come after him as they did with Ritah, he said: “We’ve walked through broken bottles you’re now threatening us with broken calabashes.”

Dancehall and Diana have forgiven each other.


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