Could Late Karamaji’s ghost be hunting for Musician Jose Chameleon?

It should be noted that in 2013, the family claimed that Karamagi broke into Chameleone’s home on Boxing Day and died in Mulago Hospital due to severe burns he sustained in the botched attack. They added that he gained access to the singer’s home whose gate at the time was unmanned on Boxing Day.

However, lawyers representing the relatives of late Robert Karamagi, who is alleged to have been murdered at Chameleon’s home, have asked the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to conduct fresh investigations in the case.

The late Karamagi’s father Maj. Benedict Kyamanywa who is tirelessly looking for Justice claims that he has new witnesses who are willing to testify in court against Jose Chameleon, his wife DaniellaAtim and the Leon Island crew.

With such issues coming at a time Jose Chameleone’s Ggwanga Mujje concert was called off following the heavy downpour that left the concert stage in shambles.,  This prompted Chameleone and the concert organizing committee to reschedule the event to 24th February 2023. some say all this is blackmail to reduce on the support and favor he has in the music industry.

Do you think Chameleon will with stand this pressure that has started arising against him?


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