Geoffrey Lutaaya Explains Why Marriages Of Famous People Don’t Last Long

Singer and politician Geoffrey Lutaaya, has come out to explain why marriages of celebrities don’t last long. The singer while appearing on Spark TV’s Koona with Ibrah K Mukasa, said that some famous people want to bring their stardom at home.

These tend to forget that their fame stops outside of the home. They always usually want to behave like superstars in a home. And this always has negative repercussions in their particular homes.

He cited an example of himself and how his kids treat him at home. They live a normal life and the instant he enters his home, the honors remain outside. However, when one wants to be treated by their partners the same way fans do, the relationship is bound to end.

“The problem with most people is that they always want to bring their stardom and fame in a home forgetting that all this stops outside. For instance, I have my daughter who is always stepping on me and doing all sorts of things to me. In her mind, she’s playing with her daddy and not a singer and MP.

Therefore the moment you want to bring all this into your home, your family is bound to fail. Just know you’re someone’s wife or husband and not their superstar at home,” the singer said.

Lutaaya who is the MP for Kakuto in Kyotera district has been married to his wife, Irene Namatovu for over two decades now. The two met at the earlier stages of their careers in the Eagles Production band. Despite some infidelity controversies over the years, the has couple managed together.

There have been quite a number of celebrity relationships hitting the deck in Uganda.

Some of these include Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, Daddy Andre and Angella Katatumba. Fille and MC Kats, Ronnie Mulindwa and Sharon O, Momo19 and Daxx Kartel among others.

Some of these have managed to get back together but the influence of the outside world has always proven influential.


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