Winnie Nwagi Criticizes Women Who Turn Down Men’s Marriage Proposals in Public. “Mugenda Tusubya”

Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi has come out and criticized women who turn down men’s marriage proposals in public. Several men have embraced the western culture of asking for their girlfriend’s hand in marriage in public spaces.

Yet, this might result in one of two outcomes: either the woman accepts the proposal with open arms or rejects it, leaving the male in abject humiliation. A few days ago, a number of videos went viral showing guys in tears after their partners rejected their marriage offers.

The videos have garnered a lot of public attention, including singer Winnie Nwagi, who took to Snapchat to express her frustration. The self-proclaimed fire baby revealed that a woman should at least pretend and say yes in public, and later break it down for the guy in private to save him from public embarrassment.

I wouldn’t do that to someone who has put in such an effort… I’ll rather play it cool than we sort ourselves after the most polite way possible. Adds Winnie Nwagi

She continued by saying that, after viewing these widely shared embarrassing videos, a man with poor self-esteem would never propose to a woman again, even if he truly loved her.

Eeh.. the way women are turning down proposals lately…muli baka mbatiddee….

Ok if you dont like the guy like that….at least you can pretend and say yes, then break it down for him after leaving the place…but that kind of embarrassment is not really nic…so mean actually.

A guy out there with low self esteem would never do it even if he loves his woman….not after all these videos going around….

You gonna make these men hate proposals mutusubya. Bambi poor souls… Personally I wouldn’t do that to someone who has PUT out in such effort… I’ll rather play it cool then we sort ourselves after the most polite way possible.


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