AMAZIGA! Pastor Bugingo reveals shocking details why he left Suzan Makula

House of Prayer Ministries International pastor Aloysious Bugingo has revealed shocking details why he left his newly wedded bride Suzan Makula. Bugingo and Suzan Makula started dating when he left his wife Teddy Naluswa he was with for 20 years and the children.

Their relationship started way back when Teddy Naluswa was still in picture and Suzan Makula was working in one of their businesses Salt media. However, she was not ashamed of being in a relationship with Pastor Bugingo and he also supported her saying nothing will ever come between their relationship.

Last year they got married despite Bugingo not legally divorced. At the moment it looks like the marriage has slowly crumbled down and nothing is remaining.

In a trending video, Pastor Bugingo said the reason a man leaves a second wife is her having a bad heart and not advising him on what to do with her previous marriage. He said men want women that think for them not women that come to destroy what they have found already built.

In the video, Pastor Bugingo didn’t mention the name of Suzan Makula. But rumors already has it that the two are not seeing each other eye to eye. That’s how he has always spoken about the ex-wife without mentioning her name while in church preaching.


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