Sheebah: Spice Diana is not my friend and she will never be

It’s no public secret that two of the biggest female artists, singer Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana have been “attacking” each other on social media.

For a while now, there have been reports that Spice and Sheebah are faking their friendship. These reports started after their diehard fans; Sheebaholics and Spice Gadgets started attacking each other on social media.

Earlier last year, Sheebah attended Spice’s “Star Gal” EP Album Launch at Cubana Lounge in Munyonyo, and this made the Ugandans believe the two were indeed friends after being seen caught up in an embrace and telling their fans that there was totally no beef between them.


In December 2022, when Sheebah staged her two-day concert at the Serena Hotel, Spice was also there and even performed. Sheebah also did the same when Spice held her concert at the Cricket Oval on January 13 this year.

However, a few days later, all hell broke loose. Spice arrested and imprisoned dancer Ritah for defamation.

The arrest of the dancer was something Sheebah didn’t take lightly, as she took to her official social media pages and condemned the arrest, adding that she expected a woman like Spice Diana to handle the situation better than she did.

On this very day in the evening, Ritah the Dancer was released, and Sheebaholics decided to start attacking Spice, they even accused Spice of being a fake friend.

However, the Sheebaholic’s attacks annoyed Spice, and she decided to unfollow Sheebah on Instagram and delete all their photos. Spice also went and released a song titled “Baligeya,” which was assumed to be a response to Sheebah and her fans.

In response, Sheebah took to her social media pages and branded herself “honey and fruit,” adding that she doesn’t look for flies, flies look for her, which seemingly appeared to be an attack directed at Spice Diana. She also went on to release three songs in one day.

While appearing in an interview on local television last evening, Sheebah was questioned about her friendship with Diana. “There is no friendship. We don’t want to fake anything.

Friendship is different. We have an understanding in the music industry called mutual respect, for colleagues, okay,” said Sheebah.

Speaking on how she felt when Spice unfollowed her on Instagram, Sheebah said that she doesn’t care about Spice Diana unfollowing her.

“She is a successful woman, and I expected her to deal with the situation much better. If unfollowing me on social media is what gives her peace, she’s okay to do it but there are certain things I have no time for,” said Sheebah.


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