Disgruntled Client Accuses Rema Namakula Of Being Ill Mannered

One of Rema Namakula’s clients accuses her of portraying bad manners during a wedding gig, On 10th December 2022, Rema Namakula was hired to perform at one of her fans’ weddings on the outskirts of Kampala.

However, the singer did more than just perform at the wedding she as well left a poor impression on her clients.

According to a Tiktok user who identifies himself as Slim Daddy Bryhn Lavender, he welcomed Rema Namakula at the function and gave her a few pointers.

Slim Daddy noticed midway through Rema’s performance that she didn’t have the right directions of the house and the singer could struggle to locate the bride.

In an effort to ease the singer’s work, he approached Rema seemingly directing her where she should pass, something that didn’t seat well with her, based on her response and facial expression.

Rema could be heard telling Slim Daddy “Kakana”,which can loosely be translated to mean cool down before giving him an irritated facial expression.

Divergent opinions have since been expressed by netizens, in response to the video, with some noting that Slim Daddy interfering Rema’s performance was uncalled for.

Others, on the other hand, have maintained that this is not the first time Rema is pulling off such an attitude during her wedding gigs.


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