They Allowed Their Dog To Sleep With Us While Recording A Video – Lady Narrates

They Allowed Their Dog To Sleep With Us While Recording A Video – Lady Narrates,Naivasha, Kenya native Damaris recently shared her struggles as a young adult with us, At a young age, she lost her.

mother. She needed to begin selling herself to help provide for her younger siblings, She fell in love with him quickly after meeting her future husband. He left her and their three children shortly after she gave birth to them.

She was a stripper to support her family, She was advised by a new acquaintance she made at the safari rally to visit the area’s hotels in search of wealthy clients willing to pay her top dollar for her services.

They recently made the choice to forego a hotel stay. A half-hour later, three males approached her, asking for directions to a nightclub. They assured them that each would receive $1,000.

When they returned to the vehicle, they reportedly brandished a club. They poured drinks and invited them to join them for a chat over coffee. By 3 o’clock in the morning, they were given orders to return to their original holding area. Instead of leaving the car where everyone might see it, it was taken to a secure area.

They demanded that the males remove all clothing but underpants and kneel.

They spent some time chatting to their dog before realizing it enjoyed sleeping next to them. They were filmed joking about and having a great time with the puppy.

They abandoned her without compensation at the airport. After that, she swore she would never again exploit others sexually

for money. So that she can support her family, she is pleading with the generous people she meets to hire her or invest in her new business.




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