“Nkooye okulaba obulenzi obwekoza ngo’obuwala. Bukozesa ne lipstick 💄” Doreen Kabareebe On Why She Deleted TikTok App

Fashion model Doreen Kabareebe, has revealed reasons why she finally decided to delete the TikTok app on her phone. TikTok is one of the most famous apps in Uganda, especially for the young people.

So many people have benefited from it like getting gigs that are paid for.

Some artists have also risen to fame through TikTok and they have managed to keep to the top of their game. However, still there are so many bad things that happen through TikTok like any other social media platform.

Immorality is one of them, especially abusing of people by these young people. Some people have been arrested because of attacking celebrities on TikTok with false information but still not much has changed.

For Doreen Kabareebe, the reason she decided to delete TikTok is not even about immorality. She is just tired of seeing young men on the app behaving like ladies.

This is to the extent of using makeup with lipstick inclusive. According to Doreen Kabareebe that is pure nonsense that she is not willing to be seen every day in her life.

“I deleted the Tiktok App nga nkooye okulaba obulenzi obwekoza ngo’obuwala. Bukozesa ne lipstick 💄, complete nonsense,” Doreen Kabareebe said.

It should be noted that there are different people who have come through TikTok and ended up revealing their sexuality as gays.

Some have even got a chance to move to Western countries. Apparently, this is where homosexuality is supported and now they are living their best lives.


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