Idle Dubai Babes Publicly Coco-Fingers Themselves on live camera

Ugandan babes in Dubai are redundant and the government should repatriate some because they are headed for depression.

Days after Macline Juliet left UAE in shivers after she lied about her status and warned Ka Johhny, Barista Timo and manager Mutawe to go for tests, other two babes have also gone viral over coco finger video.

Clad in bikinis, the two babes did not care who would watch the video and started coco fingering themselves.

A source from Dubai intimated to us that the two babes are Ugandans who are fed up with the jobless desert life and are in Neko business.

Most Ugandans leave the country with visit visas hoping to get jobs before visa expiry.With scare jobs in the UAE, some find themselves in overstay and in bid to survive, they go into Neko business.

Others who can’t afford street life, end up servicing hungry capable bed space occupants, With no hope and fear to return home with nothing, most Ugandans vowed to stay in the desert and most are depressed.

Last year, the government sent representatives to see how to repatriate some Ugandans back home but they were welcomed with hostility from the so called NUP/People Power fanatics.

Since then, it seems the government gave up on them.


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