The issue of corruption, is a “musota muntamu”-Museveni to Mabaati Thieves

The president of Uganda, H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has likened the Iron sheet thieves as Snakes in a Clay pot that should be removed without breaking the pot.

this comes as a result of the ongoing “Mabaati” saga that saw some nottable ministers taking Iron sheets from the prime minister’s office that were intended for Karamoja region.

“The mabaati story was the work of the whistle-blowers and the State House Anti-corruption Unit. I am considering another Anti-corruption Unit in State House to only deal with Village issues.  The present one has got involved, positively, in broader issues”.  The President said on his Twitter handle.

“The issue of corruption is a “musota muntamu” -the removing of the snake from the clay cooking pot without breaking the pot. The NRM has handled bigger issues.  That is why Uganda no longer has a refugee problem”. He explained.

Museveni warned that some Game Wardens have failed themselves and become poachers, “but the system is working” and layers such as District Councils, Parliament, Resistance Councils (LCs), Public Barazas, were put there deliberately “on account of what we have been witnessing since the colonial times – officials betraying the People.  If one layer does not work, the other one will”.




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Muwanga Deo

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